Day 31

Workout % : 28.0%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 252.2
Trend     : 252.2
% Lost    : 2.28%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.36%
30-Day %  : +18.62%
365-Day % : +36.89%
What is it about May and birthdays? Seriously? Last night I attended yet another birthday party, with all the obvious cake and snacks. This one one-upped the norm however, as we were served steak, potatoes and salad in an outdoor barbecue setting. Great fun, for sure. Not easy for someone trying to get over the mental block of calorie-watching.


Day 30

Workout % : 30.0%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 253.2
Trend     : 252.2
% Lost    : 2.28%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.38%
30-Day %  : +17.82%
365-Day % : +36.29%
2 more days of work and then I'm off for 6. It is during those 6 days that I absolutely must figure out a way of succeeding on this program.


Day 29

Workout % : 32.3%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 254.2
Trend     : 252.1
% Lost    : 2.32%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.81%
30-Day %  : +17.46%
365-Day % : +36.05%
Not surprising, but Sunday was a tough day. In a hurry today, so that's all you get.
Hopefully Monday is a better day. 


Day 28

Workout % : 33.3%
Body Fat  : 31%
Weight    : 248.8
Trend     : 251.9
% Lost    : 2.41%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.90%
30-Day %  : +16.74%
365-Day % : +35.52%
Great Saturday. Got in my treadmill run. Ate pretty good food. Won $120 in a charity poker tournament. All in all, a great day.

Today may prove more challenging. We're going out for a birthday lunch, so I'll have to be careful with the restaurant menu. If things go according to plan, I'll get home early enough to get in my Sunday workouts.


Day 27

Workout % : 32.8%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 250.0
Trend     : 252.2
% Lost    : 2.28%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +01.14%
30-Day %  : +16.06%
365-Day % : +34.94%
Blogger was down yesterday when I attempted to make my post, so skipping Day 26 was through no fault of my own.
Anyhow, it seems as though the bad news my girlfriend was expecting will not come pass...which is terrific. My own news came through, and it was pretty much what I was hoping for. In a few weeks time I'll be moving into a new position at work. Nothing in the way of accompanying raise, but there will certainly be tremendous opportunities for me to take advantage of.
With that said, I can finally get back to the workout program. I need my workout % up around 80%...which means I have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. 


Day 25

Workout % : 39.2%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 251.4
Trend     : 252.6
% Lost    : 2.11%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.34%
30-Day %  : +12.46%
365-Day % : +33.04%
The most stressful week ever continues.
In fact, is there anything more stressful than a threat to your employment that comes at the same time as a huge expense? 
Once this passes, hopefully by the weekend, I vow to get back on track. 


Day 24

Workout % : 40.4%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 251.8
Trend     : 252.8
% Lost    : 2.05%
----- ----- -----
1-Day %   : +00.67%
30-Day %  : +11.07%
365-Day % : +32.36%

Neither the good news nor the bad came to pass yesterday. I suspect my good news will arrive before the end of the week, and it relates to a potential promotion at work. I suspect my girlfriends news will likely not arrive; it it does, we'll know today. I'd rather not discuss what it's about until it comes to pass (hopefully never).

The new numbers represent the change in our Net Worth Trend. It's a 10-day moving average of our net worth. I go through our bank accounts almost every morning, recording balances. The spreadsheet does all the calculations to tell me how we're doing. It's useful if only to see the trend-lines projected into the future. Those help us stay motivated when we recognize where we'll be in 5 years time if we keep up the pace of the last X days/months.


Day 23

Workout % : 45.2%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 250.4
Trend     : 252.9
% Lost    : 2.01%

Much better day yesterday.
There's some potential bad news lingering today for my girlfriend, and some potentially good news coming for me. This could either be a very good day or a very bad day, time alone will tell.


Day 22

Workout % : 43.2%
Body Fat  : 32%
Weight    : 254.2
Trend     : 253.2
% Lost    : 1.90%

The weekend clobbered me, again.

No further comment at this time.


Financial Status

This is Wealthier and Healthier.

Thus far, the focus of the blog has been entirely on the "Healthier" portion of that. It's time to get to the other half.

Obviously I won't post daily updates on my financial status; the situation simply doesn't change often enough to warrant it. I will post summaries on a semi-regular basis though.

Our financial situation right can be summarized as follows:
  • We "own" a home, insofar as we live in a house that we own roughly 2.85% of. Yay mortgage.
  • We don't have any outstanding consumer debt, though there are a line of credit and a government loan left over from our days as students.
  • Our investments are paltry, but do exist.
  • We both have pretty good jobs and make solid salaries.
The long-term plan is to get ourselves into a situation that allows us financial independence. I don't think either of us needs to be "rich", we just want to be able to pursue goals that make us happy, without having to go through the monotony of corporate life.

To get there, we need a plan. Step 1 is consolidation of bank accounts. As it stands, we have accounts at 5 different banks. We pay monthly fees to 3 of them. We want to consolidate that down to 3, at most. We'd go lower, but we like that our online bank (ING) pays good rates on our emergency fund. We also have employer funded retirement accounts through a bank other than the one we're going to do our day-to-day banking with. We don't currently pay any fees on that account above and beyond the regular investment fees, so there's no strong desire to move that money until that changes (or we are no longer with the same employers).

Changing banks sounds like it should be easy, but it isn't. There's a long list of things to do. In my next post, I'll go over that list and let you know which parts were easiest and most difficult in our situation.